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Do not sign a real estate contract without talking to us!

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Unlike traditional buyers advocates we do not source properties for you. You find the properties that you like based on your own criteria, then once you find one you love, we start the negotiation process.

Need A Negotiator Now

Once you've found a property that you are interested in purchasing, contact us. Let us negotiate on your behalf to start your investment on a positive note, by using our expertise to secure the property at price and with terms that benefit you, the purchaser.

No win, No fee

The great thing about Need A Negotiator Now is that our commission comes out of the money you save. No win - No fee. There are no upfront, out of pocket fees and for every dollar saved, you save two fold as the stamp duty on the property purchased is reduced!

Your new home

Your home at the price you wanted without all of the problems of dealing directly with the agent! What's more, more money left for you to do the things that you want with the property! Do not sign a real estate contract without talking to Need A Negotiator!

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