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Need A Negotiator Now works for YOU, the purchaser to save you money in your next property purchase.
Whether it is your first home purchase or your second or third property purchase, you should not commit to one of the biggest financial commitments of your life without enlisting the services of a professional negotiator.

At Need A Negotiotor Now we believe in shifting the balance of power back to you, the purchaser. Do you feel like a “small fry” in the purchasing process? The vendor has an Agent, you are also dealing with Banks and Lawyers, yet too many people go through this process alone. Put us in your corner. The purchaser is the one person in this process who should have a professional working on their behalf. Not to, could only cost you money.

We have been involved in purchasing property for over 20 years. Need a Negotiator Now have offices in both Adelaide and Melbourne, however we have been involved in the purchase of properties Australia wide.

Need A Negotiator Now work in the negotiation of all properties in all price ranges.

Need A Negotiator Now are not “buyer’s advocates”. Unlike traditional buyers advocates we do not:

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