Need A Negotiator Now

Why use a professional negotiator?

First and foremost, the main reason anyone should employ a professional negotiator is to save money. There is a common saying in real estate “the profit is in the purchase price”. Let us negotiate on your behalf to start your investment on a positive note, by using our expertise to secure the property at price and with terms that benefit you, the purchaser.

The great thing about Need A Negotiator Now is that our commission comes out of the money you save. No win – no fee. There are no upfront, out of pocket fees. Once the contract on the property is signed, Need A Negotiator Now liaises with your Conveyancer and our fee is payable at settlement of the property, out of the money you have already saved.

Additionally, the savings are two fold. Every dollar you save on the purchase price also saves you in Stamp Duty costs.

Found your dream home? Love it? Fantastic! Now step away. One mistake too many people make is to tell the Real Estate Agent this is “the one”. You may not come out & directly say the words, however other emotive buying clues tell the Agent you are ready. They can then name their price! By stepping away from the negotiation process and allowing a professional to negotiate on your behalf, you are sure to secure the property at a lower price. We understand you love the property; however we take the emotion out of the negotiation process with the end result being to save you money.

Don’t you hate it when Real Estate Agents pester you & call constantly at all hours of the day & night? Now you don’t have to even give the Agent your phone number. There is no need for you to deal with the Agent until the contract is secured.

Is privacy important to you? Our services are particularly useful to those who are readily identifiable within the community. You would be surprised how much the price of a property seems to increase once the prospective purchaser is recognisable for their success. Don’t show your hand. Remain anonymous. Let Need A Negotiator Now be the face of the negotiation process for you.

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